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Real UK driving licence for sale

The open road is easier to hit than you think. UK Express Documents is renowned for issuing real driver’s licenses in the UK for any driver of legal age, for any car type, and for those who believe tests are never worth the trouble.

Picture yourself embarking on a journey where every turn is a discovery. Whether you are a local seeking new horizons or an international enthusiast eager to conquer diverse terrains, we can help you achieve the legal right to traverse the landscapes of the United Kingdom, the European Union, and beyond.

UK full driving licence and provisional version

In the UK, holding a driving license may be a different experience, depending on the type of permit you own. If you are taking your first steps behind the wheel, you are better off having a provisional license. This is your perfect fit until your driving skills are honed well enough to upgrade.

Are you a driving enthusiast whose skills are second to none? Buy a UK driving license of the full type. This document enables you to cruise through British towns or embark on scenic road trips without supervision while using the vehicle qualified for your permit. We can create one for you without the testing requirement.

Global privileges at your command

A UK license isn’t confined to just British and Irish roads. It is officially recognized to be used for driving in various countries in the EU. Some of them, like Switzerland and Liechtenstein, would let you hit their public roads solely with your UK permit. No additional translations or license copies are required.

For other EU locations, however, you may need to obtain an IDP based on your real UK driving licence. That wasn’t a requirement pre-Brexit but is imposed now in most EU countries.

But fret not! We can take care of your IDP, too.

How to get a UK driving license in 3 steps

Consultation with UK Express Documents

Kickstart your journey by arranging a consultation with our experts to walk you through the intricate process of selecting the right vehicle category and driving license type. We will eliminate confusion and plan a personalized roadmap to your driving dreams.

Secure payment

We’ve demolished the bureaucratic maze. To order a UK driver’s license online, you are only supposed to make a quick and secure payment using your credit card or preferred online platform. With a streamlined transaction process and no testing requirements, your smooth ride is a click away.


Breathe in the sweet scent of success as you buy a quality, genuine driving licence in the UK and receive it anywhere in the world. Our commitment to the client’s satisfaction ensures that your permit reaches you securely and swiftly, breaking down geographical barriers and turning your vehicle operation dreams into reality.
You can get up to speed on our prices and delivery times during your consultation with UK Express Documents. We will be there for you during all the steps you take as you order a new driving license in the UK.


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